The pool and billiards tournament landscape has become pretty fertile in recent years.  Tournaments are springing everywhere across the country.  That’s a good thing, except there’s no place online for players and fans to instantly find upcoming tournaments scheduled to take place ‘near them’.  Social media outlets, especially Facebook©, are too cluttered and fragmented, and they fall well short of meeting the needs of promoters, players, and fans alike.  Every single day, I’m personally inundated with Facebook notifications about upcoming tournaments all around my state.  Not all of them are of interest to me, and the majority of them are a bit out of my way.  Also, there are countless Facebook pages and groups (at least a dozen in my state) dedicated to posting informational flyers for upcoming tournaments.  This includes pool tours, individual promoters, and various venues looking to add value and prop up business by regularly hosting weekly and monthly tournaments.  Really, who’s got the time to follow and join a million pages and groups, or constantly be bombarded by annoying event notifications?  Certainly, that’s not the ideal way to go about it.

Tournaments Near Me was created to address this very problem.  Tour directors, individual tournament promoters, and Billiard establishments now have a place online to schedule their events (including recurring events) conflict-free, along with flyers and all the relevant details.  The site is also designed to be geolocation-aware, giving users instant access to the upcoming tournaments scheduled near them, and optionally allowing them to search outside their respective areas for something bigger and more interesting taking place elsewhere.  Let’s not forget social-media integration!  Users will find it convenient to share the events of interest on their favorite network (Facebook, Twitter, and more), and also via Messenger and email.

Tournaments Near Me also makes it easy for users to zero in on exactly what they want!  So, what are you looking for?  An open 10-Ball tournament with added money in a nearby town?  A mixed-doubles 8-ball tournament within driving distance that you and your partner can go to this weekend?  No matter where you are and what you’re looking for, if it’s published, you’ll find it.  Tournaments Near Me is also cause-driven;  We donate 5 percent of all proceeds from the sales of TNM brand apparel to charitable organizations.  

Give it a try today and find out what tournaments are happening near you this coming weekend, or on the national stage in the coming months.  And please don’t forget to spread a little love and sunshine by checking out our online store.